For quite some time now we’ve been working on one of the most important specialties of the house — KonceptApp. Our prototyping tool is meant to allow creating high-fidelity application prototypes and test its UX on real users.

We already had the chance to hear from UX enthusiasts that KonceptApp is targeting all of the most annoying pains in the process of preparing prototypes. It is equally good for adding interactions, animations and gestures in order to get the feel of the real app in user’s hands, as well as getting useful insights on users interaction with the prototype.

Now, we are proud to announce the official acknowledgement which came from the Central European Startup Awards, and recognized our favorite as the best cloud/data application in Serbia!

Thumbs up to other national winners in the other five categories:

Compliments to all of our Serbian startup colleagues, and best of wishes for the future.

KonceptApp will definitely continue growing to become the most efficient prototyping tool ever made. If you are interested in contributing and becoming one of the first users of our tool, write us more about what you do and which problem might KonceptApp solve for you.

Central European Startup Awards is a series of events in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.) The main purpose of this awards is to identify the best and most important start-ups, initiatives and individuals in the region. The competition takes place in 8 categories: startup of the year, investor of the year, best the cloud/data applications startup, startup with best user experience (UX), best social impact startups, the most influential women of the year, best tech startup and the best coworking space of the year. The national winners are selected by a combination of collected online votes and a jury evaluation.