This is the era of users. Great product ideas, thoroughly thought–out design, different approaches to development, super dedicated teams – none of this is important as much as user’s opinion on the product you are creating. Most product owners and UX designers are aware of this fact. Interestingly, not all of them actually keep checking what the users want from the very beginning and throughout the design and development process.

If you ask them how come they don’t implement what is considered to be important for the product success, number of reasons get listed out. Most of these could be summed up to the lack of resources – time, people and money.

You might be surprised, but there is a way to hear what people think about your product without confronting any of these obstacles. All you have to do is to find your way to the UsabilitySquare - meeting point of real people, usability enthusiasts, who gather there to test each other ideas or products. (This should be a helpful hint. ;) )

No hidden intentions at this Square – you’ll easily find out that it is all about giving feedback and finding out why users might be confused, stuck or lost.

Everyone who believes in open communication and idea of sharing without interest are very welcomed to come abroad!

Everything one has to do to in order to get the feedback is:

1. Upload a picture

You can test anything. Whether it is just a design idea, sketch, prototype, app, website or even interface of good old washing machine. You choose!


2. Ask a question about the task which is supposed to be completed

Ask questions people can answer with a single click!
Tips & Tricks: The less ambiguity in your question, the more useful feedback from Squarers you will get.


3. Enjoy results

After people undergo the task, heatmaps will be generated in order to show how intuitive this task is for users. Maps are available for you to analyze them, learn and optimize your design.


If you like the idea, don’t hesitate to visit the Square. Plenty of things to do out there and many great people to meet. Start with finding out about usability of your products or clicking out through out tasks of other Squarers. Next move is upon you – all you have to do is to have fun and keep loving usability!

Disclaimer: UsabilitySquare is a little brother of KonceptApp, an awesome usability testing tool for prototypes.