The fact: User should NEVER EVER feel helpless or stupid! This equally applies to all kind of products, including software ones – mobile or web apps, websites, etc. And this is where usability testing is coming to the spotlight!

Usability is that special ingredient you need to make your product shine among the others.

When it comes to the usability, there is a big difference between our assumptions and reality. In order to showcase this, we are bringing you one practical example!

So let us begin: Amy, one of the Squarers (community members at UsabilitySquare – the free online platform for getting unbiased feedback from real people) set her experiment and was patiently waiting to see how other Squarers will react to her design.

This is the question she asked: How would you filter only visitors from Europe in the ‘Visitors location card’?


Expectations vs Reality: As she told us, Amy was almost certain that users will click on the key in the right corner, or the words Germany / Spain. But, it turned out that the results she got were totally opposite!

Namely, Squarers clicked on the map (and Amy’s app does not even support clicking on the map)!

Only 28% fulfilled the expectations, while 40% showed Amy that her design is not as intuitive as she expected and that she still has work to do.


Conclusion: Everything we think about our designs is pretty biased. We should be aware of this and do not forget to stay in constant touch with our users. If you need a place for fast and quality feedback from real people, try UsabilitySquare – it is free and on one click from you. No excuses for lack of testing anymore. ;)

Happy testing!

**The author of this experiments gave us permit to go public and share it with you guys.