Do you have a Web or mobile app but you know sales could be a lot better? Do you feel like your digital product is missing something and you can’t quite figure out what it is?

If you nodded affirmatively in response to the above questions, it’s likely you have a UX problem on your hands. Even though there is no quick fix to UX issues, it’s never too late to start applying the core principles of user experience design to your product. It will pay off multi-fold in the long run.

User Experience (UX) design focuses on improving how we interact with digital products as those interactions will form the experiences we go through while using them.

The best digital products today owe a great deal of their success to amazing user experience that they provide. And great UX doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. It requires early investment in processes and tools that help UX teams validate their assumptions and refine the design through usability testing and user experience reviews.

In an ideal world, usability testing would be carried out early on application prototypes but there’s nothing wrong in correcting course and testing a finished product. Any changes or redesigns will come at a higher cost, but if they result in a better UX, the benefits will be worth their weight in gold.

No matter if you just started on a new digital product design, or if your product is already on the market, focus on meeting the goals of UX design and your business will experience some tangible benefits.

Let’s see what they are.

Great UX Makes People Stick to Your Product Like Glue

Successful digital products have the ability to consistently deliver value convincing their users to stick around. Customer and user retention is becoming increasingly important in a digital world, where both you and a number of competitors are battling for the attention of your users.

The role of UX in both user acquisition and retention is undeniable. If you build a digital product that is visually appealing, easy to use and learn, and that lets users accomplish their goals in the most efficient way possible, people will be drawn to the remarkable experience and keep coming back for more.

Positive Experiences Build Brand Loyalty…

This one builds on the previous benefit - users who have a positive experience are going to be more likely to stick with your product, as well as to become your brand advocates.

Discovering what users want and delivering it through great product experiences is both a science and an art. It is also a trait of strong brands that are driving differentiation with UX.

Today’s consumers are digital and technology-savvy, they’re impatient and constantly on the lookout for instant gratification. This means they have no intention on “suffering through” a UX that is confusing or complicated or causing friction in any way. Why? Because they can find a better alternative almost in an instant!

Brands that invest time and resources into user experience design show that they care about their customers enough to make sure that each interaction with their products or services is a good one. And this definitely builds an army of loyal users.

…and Word of Mouth for Your Business

Happy users can become your most influential brand ambassadors. I’m betting there are digital products that you really enjoy using and that you wholeheartedly recommend to other people. Those word-of-mouth recommendations, shared either in person or on social media, are the best unpaid advertisement your product can get. That’s because people trust each other much more than they trust Google or Facebook ads.

For example, Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measure of customer advocacy, is often correlated to a digital product’s usability and overall UX. Naturally, products that are highly usable and offer amazing experience are far more likely to earn recommendations from their users.

Improve User Experience to Lower Support Costs

Well-designed user experience can have a powerful effect on support requests. In fact, reduction of support tickets is one of the best success indicators of a UX design. Just think about it - support calls cost your company effort, time, and money. If you invest in designing a good user experience, users will be able to easily accomplish their goals with your product, saving you money in support costs.

Better Product Decisions

A focus on UX design will help your team make better product decisions across the board. If you create prototypes and run usability tests to understand as early as possible what your user’s experience is like, you will have a clear picture of how well your web or mobile app is doing. This knowledge will allow you to drive product improvements through new features and enhanced UX.

In the coming years, more and more companies will place emphasis on the experience they deliver across their digital products and services to create competitive advantage. The impact of UX on business performance will only grow, so get a head start by setting a new high bar for user experience in your digital product group.