Creation of a good UX is not really one man job. Unless you’re exceptionally lucky to catch UX unicorn, of course. Usually, you need a whole bunch of professionals in order to create things people will enjoy using. As any other team, UX one will be also functional once you hire right people and apply healthy management style.

All productive and harmonic teams have in common certain practices which stick them together more closely. Whether it is a team of lawyers, construction workers or high school athletes, it is important to appreciate all team members equally. This practically means to congrats everyone on the success and supports them in new ones, not be judgmental and or pushy, but rather be a mentor and role model, to mention just a few.

While all of this will help you to organize UX team, there are some specific practices good to have in mind in order to create perfect UX environment:

##Make sure everyone has ‘UX mode’ always turned on Whether your UX team is small one (so people play few different roles at the same time), or it is big enough (and consisted out of specialized individuals), everyone should be aware that they’re on the same mission. Meaning: even one’s in charge just for research or coding, the bigger picture they should always be the overall UX of a final product. Manager’s job is to make kind of team atmosphere suitable for this constant ‘joint’ focus. Also, the manager is the one to bring out all challenges during the development process. For example, a team shouldn’t be spared from frustrations users might have, but be clearly introduced with them and take them into account when considering future steps.

##Stick to plans and make them realistic First of all, for your strategy is equally important to be clear, realistic and shared across the team. Clear processes are important because of the least experienced team members. This will save their time in reconsidering numerous approaches and make them more self-confident. Next, be careful and objective to prevent ending up with plans not likely to be achieved. The only thing you can get this way is demotivated team, full of suspicious. By sharing plans with members, you make them introduced and involved, but also showing flexibility for meaningful suggestions. UX is about listening and flexibility anyways.

##Encourage creative environment There is always time for creativity! (Except when you have a near to heart attack deadline, I mean.) So, stimulate your team members to be in touch with new UX recognitions, to read, think and share knowledge around with colleagues. UX people are usually curious in their essence, so this is not supposed to be hard to manage. Working in pairs on the same tasks is great for a generation of new ideas, as well. Let peers discuss and deal with the same problems, and you’ll see some surprisingly good solutions emerging!

Actually, there is nothing like standard UX process. Focus and iterations are pretty fixed, but everything else can be flexible and most importantly: fun! If you’re a manager of a UX team, then you’re lucky enough to work with creative and unique people. Make this counts and enjoy your time while making awesome UX!