Everything You Need to Create Web & Mobile App Prototypes

Prototyping with Koncept app helps you address a wide range of UX/UI design challenges. When a prototype feels like the real deal, uncovering usability problems is easy!

Build Code Free Native Prototypes

Koncept app lets you choose the device type for your prototype (Web, iOS, or Android ) to give your app a truly native feel.

Just upload your scenes (static designs) and add gestures and transitions to turn them into interactive, real-feel prototypes that your users or team members can easily test and interact with.


Instantly Share to Get Feedback

Step away from the limitations of static wireframes that can’t really demonstrate how the app will function in real life.

Instead, use Koncept to instantly share your prototype with key stakeholders and show them what the end product will be like.

Need to show an app prototype to clients? Easy! Just send them the link via email and they’ll be able to add the prototype to their device’s homepage.

You’ll provide them with a realistic experience of interacting with the finished app.

Validate earlier, prototype faster, design smarter.

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