Usability testing starts with Prototyping!

Create prototypes that feel like a fully developed app! Easy and Fast. Android or iOS. Phone or Tablet. Website or Web app. You choose!

See how to create interactive prototypes for:

Prototyping feature

Create interactive Prototypes

See your sketch or design come to life. Edit without difficulties. Change the existing static design into an interactive prototype with native behavior.

Prototyping feature

Component Hierarchy Coming soon

Nest components inside group related views to keep the prototype organized and easy to maintain and improve.

Prototyping feature

Interactive Views Coming soon

Create a scrollable object in your app simply by dropping an asset in the scene. If that asset exceeds the horizontal or vertical height of the screen, it becomes a scrollable object. Naturally.

Prototyping feature

Independent objects Coming soon

Create modal windows, custom pop-up boxes or transparent overlays with compound screens in an easy way. Select back screen and front content and combine them into one. No problem.

Having prototypes is great, but having user feedback and validating your ideas is much better. Say no more! We have taken care of everything.

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