Get the most out of prototypes by proper usability testing

Understand what users are thinking. Get better feedback, better analytics and better results!

Prototyping feature

Metrics that help you Achieve Success

Get to know your users on a more intimate level. Understand why and how.

Prototyping feature

Task Execution

Measure a task execution. Analyze the time and the path it took.

Prototyping feature

Session Replays Coming soon

We store each user session and provide instant replay. Watch their behavior as if you were sitting next to them.

Prototyping feature

Quality Metrics Coming soon

Make comparison between the best, the worst, and median task executions. See exceptions and their full paths.

Prototyping feature

Live-streaming Dashboard

Watch every session while it is happening. In real time.

First things first. Testing usability requires at least a prototype, right?
The time you devote to your prototypes will pay off.

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