Test Early, Get Meaningful Insights, and Validate Your Ideas

Testing a mobile or Web app prototype early in the design process saves design and development costs down the road, and allows you to build successful products the first time around.

Create Tasks for Remote Users

With hi-fi prototypes made with Koncept, you can test different UI elements, layouts, information hierarchy, and other app interactions.

Conducting usability tests with remote users is a hassle free process. Easily create tasks with instructions for your target users and invite them to test the most important interactions with your app.

Usability testing with Koncept will help you find that sweet spot between user expectations and your app functionality.


Get Powerful User Behavior Analytics

Analyze the user behavior data via Analytics Dashboard to see how users interacted with your prototype and, even more importantly, to understand the WHY behind their behavior.

Task Analytics lets you see how many users accepted and how many successfully (or unsuccessfully) completed their tasks, as well as the average task completion time.

Koncept will also generate a heatmap to show you how users interact with your screens, where they clicked, and more.

Validate earlier, prototype faster, design smarter.

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