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Caution – early usability testing decides the product’s destiny!

Today, probably more than ever, users are the ones who make definite decisions whether products will be successful or not. A bit spoiled by improved quality and innovations, as well as numerous choices of products, users expectations are pretty high while their interest is very hard to evoke. And this is especially true for the software industry.

by Tamara Rendulić July 15, 2016

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‘Benefits of interactive prototypes AKA: Assumptions killed the cat

People say – curiosity killed the cat. Never completely understood this. Is it promoting not challenging the status quo? In which scenario is it a good thing? Looking from a product developer’s side e.g. I cannot see the setting in which you could say: It was enough, my product is perfect now and I should stop wondering how to improve it.

by Tamara Rendulić July 08, 2016

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User persona – your best friend in a design process

A disclaimer: persona is not really an individual, but rather a merge of research results gathered from observing many different people, who are true representatives of a certain category. Cold data are not what you’re looking for. The key lies in their anthropomorphization.

by Tamara Rendulić April 15, 2016

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Designer vs Developer: Who’s right?

There is an ongoing story about the collision between designers and developers. Many potential and actual designer-developer problematic interactions can be prevented by keeping some simple directions in mind.

by Tamara Rendulić March 15, 2016

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UX is about translation

If you want to get closer to users and make them feel comfortable while using your product, you should adapt it to their needs. Good user experience requires localization of your product, and this stands equally for different platforms as well as different cultures.

by Tamara Rendulić March 09, 2016

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Secrets of awesome UX teams

All productive and harmonic teams have in common certain practices which stick them together more closely. While all of this will help you to organize UX team, there are some specific practices good to have in mind in order to create perfect UX environment.

by Tamara Rendulić February 25, 2016

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These are the people you wish to have in your UX team

UX design teams in enterprise environments are not a surprise anymore. Successful ones are consisted of capable and passionate individuals ready and steady to work in a cross-functional teams and dynamic atmosphere.

by Tamara Rendulić February 18, 2016

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Want to nail usability testing? Create tasks!

Whether you conduct usability testing on paper sketches, clickable images, high-fidelity prototypes or fully working systems, effective tasks set upon users are essential for test success. Carefully assembled tasks reveal products strengths or drawbacks and make communication with users fruitful and meaningful.

by Tamara Rendulić February 11, 2016

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Behind every successful UX there is a well thought out psychology

In order to build something meaningful, designers have to work within certain psychological framework. In other words, they have to be comfortable with concepts through which people are adopting new stuff, making connections, relate to things, learn, etc. This is not easy, but there are certain patterns of user’s behaviour which are predictable and good to have in mind in order to create great UX.

by Tamara Rendulić February 09, 2016

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5 basic principles of UX

There are (at least) five basic principles to stick to in order to end up with products which users will enjoy using. Even though someone could say that these are not really sufficient, one is for sure – they are necessary for good UX. Check out the principles we found to be important to guide design process and keep your UX team on the same and right path.

by Tamara Rendulić February 08, 2016

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Most common UX practices for 2015

We were talking with many UX professionals, product owners and designers throughout the year in order to find out what are their biggest pains and hopes when it comes to UX. Enjoy the infographic we prepared for you!

by Tamara Rendulić December 30, 2015

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3 simple steps to get free and awesome feedback from real people

Have you heard about the Square where people gather to discuss usability? Everyone who believes in open communication and idea of sharing without interest are very welcomed to come abroad!

by Tamara Rendulić December 22, 2015

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3 reasons why user research is crucial for your design

If you approach user research appropriately, you will soon find out that it is not just one of the boring boxes you have to check in order to move on with designing.

by Tamara Rendulić December 18, 2015

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What UX designer and construction worker have in common?

Try to imagine your design process as a building of a house.

by Tamara Rendulić December 11, 2015

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How much would you pay to save a product with bad UX?

A product which fails to provide good UX is a proper money eater. Meaning: if you didn’t think on time what customers like, you will be in a real trouble later.

by Tamara Rendulić December 03, 2015

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Empathy maps: way not to end up on products graveyard

How to make sure your product will be appreciated? Try with mapping the emotions of your potential users.

by Tamara Rendulić November 27, 2015

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‘Hell, NO!’ is the answer you want

If we are on the same page in considering products as meant for users and satisfaction of their needs, then user research should be absolutely indisputable part of the UX design process.

by Tamara Rendulić November 24, 2015

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What’s all the fuss about usability?

Users already know how each and every feature of your product is supposed to look like.

by Tamara Rendulić November 22, 2015

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Empathy design: for people made of blood, feelings and needs

Business by itself is all about logic and rational decisions. But, what makes a difference between products or services which are to become popular or easily forgotten is actually emotional engagement.

by Tamara Rendulić October 26, 2015

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Best free stock photos resources of our choice

A list of five websites worth of checking out on regular basis.

by Tamara Rendulić October 03, 2015

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KonceptApp: best national cloud/data application!

CESA 2015 recognized our revered prototyping tool and encouraged us to keep up the good track.

by Tamara Rendulić September 23, 2015

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